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Our Next Trips

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We have several trips planned in 2013 / 2014



Sister Hospital Project: (2012 to 2014)

Feeding Program: (2011 to 2014)
Location: Bouneau, Haiti
Dr. Yves Marie will be heading this effort during the June 2011 trip. GIANT will pick and sponsor one or two families. The members of this team will assist in documenting and photographing the chosen families.
Members of this team will also upload pictures and family biographies on GIANT's website. Supporters from all over the world will then be able to sponsor families in our feeding program

Cholera Outreach (June 2011)
Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
From June 17th to the 19th, G.I.A.N.T.'s team lead by Ms. Mona Adam will conduct the following at some cholera treatment centers around Port-au-Prince:
• Distribute Protective gear (gowns, shields, shoe covers, and gloves)
• Distribute Aqua Tabs if needed
• Educate staff
• Complete needs assessments in preparation for interventions in July / August
• Educate the community about cholera prevention and care

GIANT GLOBAL Haiti team members (Yves-Marie and Linda) at the Cholera treatment Center in Part-au-Prince June 2011.

Dry Composting Toilet/Boreholes: (June, July & August 2011)
Location: Bouneau, Haiti
Dr. Yves Marie is leading this ongoing project. The soil composition of Bouneau does not allow for the construction of a standard latrine. The high groundwater represents a community hazard because of water contamination. We propose the implementation of 10 composting toilets and 10 boreholes for the Bouneau Community. This dry composting toilet has many advantages: it makes waste water management easier, it works regardless of weather conditions and it does not pollute groundwater reservoirs. The composting toilet system also has the benefit of providing dry organic fertilizer for agriculture.
Members of this team will organize and facilitate community education on the dry composting toilet. The team will also assist in the implementation and inauguration of the first dry composting toilet in the community.

June 2011: Dry Composting Toilet going up in Bouneau

Canaan Clinic/Orphanage: (June, July & August 2011)
Location: Saint Marc, Haiti
Chizoba Chukwura will be leading a team of interviewers in July/August to assess attitudes and beliefs of Haitian mothers on the use of Medika Mamba. Medika Mamba is a Haitian derivative of the known ready-to-use therapeutic food, plumpy'nut. Medika Mamba is prescribed at nutrition clinics to patients diagnosed with malnutrition.

Members of this team will be trained in interviewing and note taking for this project. Each interviewer or note taker will work alongside an interpreter.

Collaborating with Global Health Action (July / August 2011)
Location: Leogane district, HaitiGlobal Health Action (GHA) was founded in 1972, in Atlanta, GA. Their mission is to improve the health of people and communities around the globe through education, training, and practical programs in leadership, management, and health promotion.

Global Health Action's Goat Program trains farmers in goat husbandry and care. Each graduating farmer receives a pregnant doe that has been crossed with one of the program’s purebred goats. The program provides a local source for nutrition and income. Since its inception in 1985, more than 4,000 framers have been trained.

Some of our team members will be gathering narratives from GHA's goat farmer beneficiaries. This involves sitting down and talking with some beneficiaries (in the Leogane district), and doing some in-depth interviews with a select number of them. Point of contact for this initiative is Girija Sankar with GHA.

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